About Nancy Berget

Ok, so I admit it. I have a fetish. It began some years ago on a trip to the Southwest when I walked into a local bead shop. I was amazed and overwhelmed with the creative possibilities I found in front of me. Three hours later I left with five originally designed jewelry pieces. I was hooked. My passion for creating chunky, eclectic jewelry began to grow. When people began buying bracelets right off my wrist, I turned my passion in a fine fetish. Because the spirit and culture of the West has always been so special to me, it continues to be the main inspiration for my jewelry design. I meticulously handcraft each piece, with love.

While a few of my signature pieces are produced in very limited quantities, components may vary. Many designs are truly one of a kind. I select only quality beads, many collected on distant travels.

The "hunt" for rare, unusual elements helps make my work different from other beaders. I love the rusticity of turquoise, coral, bone and wood...the natural elegance of gemstones and pearls mingled with antler toggles...or smooth buttery crystal quartz dancing with sterling silver.

I invite you to visit my gallery. Here you will find unique or favorite pieces which have sold. If an item appeals to you, contact me and I will try to create something similar. Thanks for visiting my site. If you see a fine fetish that speaks to you, may you enjoy wearing it as much as I have loved creating it.